Julia Dordel

Julia spent about a decade abroad in Canada and Argentina, during which time she not only attained a PhD in Forestry, but also gained in-depth experience in the fields of acting, screenwriting and film production in "Hollywood North", Vancouver, Canada.

She returned to Hanover in 2013 and has since performed in a number of national and international productions, most notably the MISSION 92 franchise, the horror extravaganza SKY SHARKS, the mystery-thriller THE BITTER TASTE and the arthouse drama RAZZMATAZZ.

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  • Julia is certified in stage combat, including sword, epee, quarter staff as well as unarmed combat. In addition to being a modern pentathlete, Julia holds a scuba-diving license and is highly proficient in a number of other sports. She is a native German speaker with total proficiency in Canadian English as well as fluency in Spanish.